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Blog revival!

Jaystansfield Press Clipping

Taken from Lancashire Evening Telegraph

it’s been a year since I posted to this blog so I’m reviving it with a nice article about my fundraiser! Hello everyone!! Donate if you can xxx

About jaystansfield

Follow Jay Stansfield on Facbook: ***The brand new album 'LOVISM' by Jay Stansfield "A swirling cacophony of psychedelic folk pop!" *** Aliens, latex, sexy ladies and for 'Contact': "LOVISM is a captivating swirl of psychedelic emotive folk, a well crafted and truly inspiring collection of songs that take you on a musical journey, a trip if you will in glorious technicolour, reminiscent of days gone by but that sit almost perfectly for the here and now." Jay Stansfield was born in 1980 in Nelson, Lancashire in the North West of England. With 'trademark, stunning vocal arrangements and performances' Jay is blessed with childlike high notes and a terribly sweet English accent that comes through on the "cant's" and "shant's" that litter his songs. Jay recorded a prestigious acoustic session for the John Peel inspired Internet radio station ‘Dandelion Radio’ in November 2010 which led to signing to Ann Shenton’s (Add n to x) label White Label Music and publishers Tourettes Publishing. Releases include: Express Yourself // 2- track SINGLE // (released 28/03/2011 by White Label Music) the JAY STANSFIELD ep //4-track EP // (released 30/05/2011 by White Label Music) LOVISM // 12-track ALBUM // (release by White Label Music) Releases have received some great press with comments like ‘memorable’ and ‘enjoyable’ popping up everywhere and people are turning on to Jay’s music across the globe. Live performances see him joined by music producer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Ashworth on guitar, drums, percussion, keyboard and vocals. For more info visit: Label:

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