Jay Stansfield was born in 1980 in Nelson, Lancashire in the North West of the UK. With ‘trademark, stunning vocal arrangements and performances’ Jay is blessed with childlike high notes and a terribly sweet English accent that comes through on the “cant’s” and “shant’s” that litter his songs. Jay signed to Ann Shenton’s (Add N to X) co-run label ‘White Label Music’  in October 2010.

Jay’s voice (and many voices in places through the songs) are soft and hugely enjoyable to listen to and the memorable lyrics and catching rhythms will have you humming and singing… for a good while to come.
With echoes of The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, Jay gets inside your chest and beats your heart with the fantastically pure harmonies and lyrics so typical of his style.
Live performances see him joined by fellow producer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Ashworth on guitar, drums, percussion, keyboard, laptop and vocals…Rob has 10 arms.

Other successful music outfits Jay has been involved with include:



Say Jansfield


Gaunt Story

Tuned Quartz