This is a preview of my brand new EP ‘the JAY STANSFIELD ep’ released on White Label Music on the 30th May 2011, already receiving some great reviews. Out now! Ready to buy, play and dance to. Make love to. Fight to…whatever takes your fancy.

If you haven’t got your copy already (to those who have- I love you!!!) then get yourself over to the White Label shop and grab one for you and one for your friend. Father’s Day isn’t far away now…!!

It is in physical CD and digital formats and features an exclusive bonus track by Electronic wizard ‘Lord NUMB’. ( LORD NUMB )

Please visit the WLM Shop for more info and to grab yourself a copy! You can also click the BUY button to go to the site.

All audio in this sampler (C) & (P) White Label Music 2011.

Recorded at Central Recording Studios, Burnley, Lancashire, UK.

Engineered, Produced and Mastered by Rob Ashworth.
All songs written by Jay Stansfield.
All instruments by Jay Stansfield except drums by Rob Ashworth.
Additional vocals on ‘Maisy’ by Maria Stansfield.

Much Love to You

Soundcloud Meetup Success!

The Hibsonian Psychotronics
It’s WAY past my bedtime as I write this but I had to get it onto screen. The 25th May 2011 was the Soundcloud Global Meetup Day and I decided I wanted to host a special meetup at my house. So I did. Soundcloud sent me a T-Shirt, stickers, badges and a whole lotta support to get the thing going and I invited people who I knew could make a great contribution. It was a total success.
The guidelines, I decided, were to write, record and upload an original composition in three hours. Each person brought along four notes, chords or rhythms and six meaningful words. We then used these to compose a piece of music.
We set up in my living room. It was filmed and documented by the brilliant Donna Craddock. We ate caramel shortcake, chomped crisps and drank pop and sang in harmony until we had something worthwhile. There were drums, guitars, keyboards, shaky eggs, a language master, acoustic bass, microphones, leads and lots of heat. God it was hot.
Rob Ashworth was at the engineering table recording it all onto an old Yamaha 8-track tape recorder and did an amazing job. We were all very pleased and actually managed to get it completed in just over two hours. 8:30pm until just after 10:30pm GMT
The results of our collaborative, shared and musical joining together can be found on Soundcloud and also at the bottom of this post. We hope you like it.
Oh yeah- we call ourselves ‘The Hibsonian Psychotronics’. (Dan MacDonald, Karl Francis, Maria Stansfield, Tom Cross, Rob Ashworth, Jay Stansfield)

Soundcloud Meetup Magic!

On the 25th May 2011 there is an event entitled ‘Soundcloud Global Meetup Day’. Now being a supporter of this revolutionary and downright AMAAAAAZING technological music and audio revolution, I wanted to host a meetup at my house that would contribute to this worldwide musical day. We’ve had global prayers, global wishes…this is the cream of the crop. They even sent me some stickers, badges and a T-Shirt!

The brief I have set consists of the following requirements for the contributors entering Stansfield Manor:

3 hours to write, record and upload a piece of music to Soundcloud.

Each person brings with them 4 chords, notes or rhythms.

6 words that mean something to them.

An instrument of their choice.

It’s also going to be more awesome because the following contributors will be joining in creating this piece of music.

Rob Ashworth (

Karl Francis (

Maria Stansfield (

It is being filmed by Donna Craddock (

We will also be joined by Comic Book writer Tom Cross and Linux Programmer and Audio Software Developer Dan MacDonald!

The final piece will be uploaded, probably, to all the contributer’s Soundcloud pages so have a look on Thursday to see how it went!

So for now I leave you with some of the artists work below- enjoy!

Gaunt Story

Fruitless Forest

Mi Mama

Happy Christmas!

Jay_Stansfield - Oh What a ChristmasMerry Christmas one and all! Finest people reading my blog, those who have stuck with me through thick and thin (you know who you are), those who have supported my every endevour, those who I love,  those who love me (those who can’t stand me) and to anyone else reading my blog and listening to my music.

In the New Year it’s all going to start rocking I can tell you and I just want to wish you all the best, wish you happiness, good health and prosperity. I want to wish you more love, more kindness, success and creativity and may all the things you have been working so hard towards come to fruition and bring you the best of times.

I hope we can stick together, share our memories and make the best of what we’ve got. Show some love for those who are less fortunate, take action towards building brighter moments and tell someone ‘I love you’ at least once a day.

Make a stranger smile, give more, notice your children more, eat what you want, support action for aid and do all you can to look after your family, look after yourself and bring as much love and kindness into the world as possible.

Don’t take any shit from anyone and if the worst comes to the worst and you don’t have a family anymore, or you don’t have much money or material nonsense, always remember- the one person you can always rely on, in the face of everything, is yourself. Be kind to yourself and others will flourish. Be lovely to yourself and people will come into your life who mean something. Basically- don’t be a dick.

So, at the end of a ridiculous jam-packed, difficult year – here’s my Christmas song for 2010. Oh! What a Christmas:

The End of July

Jay StansfieldJeez it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. Time hasn’t allowed me to sit down and get things out because I’ve been busy with a secret music project and knuckling down finishing the first stages of my album ‘The End of July‘. I’ve also been doing daddy things too during the summer and now that time isn’t what it used to be- it passes us all by.

The album is ready to record. It’s going to be a flowing and somewhat slight departure from ‘The Jay Stansfield EP‘ but that’s the beauty of music folks and to be fair I realised that I wanted to edge back to my roots a little. So that’s what i’m doing. It’s not going to be recorded officially in the studio but elsewhere. I am yet to decide. Maybe I’ll record it in a church…Wherever it ends up I intend for it to be intimate, experimental in places, psychedelic in others and natural. Well not too natural. A little sexy nether trim never went amiss…

So for now babies:

“It’s only some advice,
Not a lecture or critique,
Yet I feel like such a shit heap,
When I say it more than twice.

It’s only a suggestion,
Not an order or even right,
Put it plainly out in sight,
Still I’m causing you congestion” –
Sucker for the Obvious