Nice links

Here we have some lovely links that are always worth visiting. Spreading the word is good 🙂


White Label Music <<< The label who release my music

Brave Music Agency <<< The agents who book my shows

Fruitless Forest <<< Think Fleet Foxes meets Animal Collective playing with Grizzly Bear

Gaunt Story <<< Wonderful songwriting from a kind and very talented man

tRANSELEMENt <<< My firstest ever band. FREE music on the website!!! Get it downloaded.

The Horn The Hunt <<< Mega duo space rockers

Acoustic Progress <<< 365 Days with a new video every day with Paul Higham.

SAY <<< My previous wonderful musical outfit

Amaget <<< Crazy math-blasting 2-piece throck outfit

Signature Guitars <<< If you’ve got the cash- buy the dream

The Jackplug <<< A great music blog

In One Ear <<< Another great music blog

The Son(s) <<< An accomplished and very fine outfit- well worth a listen

Sian Sofia <<< A very sweet and passionate young lady songwriter with a bite