There’s a misguided concept that ‘isms’ are bad but i do love the more obscure isms… Something I do support is LOVISM which doesn’t really exist as a dictionary definition but as it’s the title of the album, by Jay Stansfield, we say YES to LOVISM! – Simon Raymonde, Bella Union

There’s a misguided conc…

Conor Mason – Passing Colours


Some artists just get me everytime and Conor Mason is no exception. I’ve been following his work for a while now and he just seems to get better and better. Writing songs that are catchy, well written, well produced with a really classic sound akin to some of the slower songs from artists like The Flaming Lips, Fleet Foxes and Elliott Smith spreading into more upbeat tunes like ‘5AM‘. Man I love this tune- i must have listened to it a hundred times since i first discovered it. I highly recommend you listen to his music more often because he’s going to big and remember folks- you heard it here first…

Here’s the newest Conor Mason offering ‘Passing Colours’ and believe me it’s a crackin’ tune

Jay’s weekly new music discovery- ‘Peter Lehndorff’

I’m a sucker for love songs. I really am. But when there’s a love song with a twist or if it’s unrequited, if it’s love lost or love gained then i’m in. I’m there. I love it!

I came across Peter Lehndorff on soundcloud a few weeks back and i’m so glad I did. His music is like a cross between Eels, John Martyn, Tom Waits and Willy Nelson. Great lyrics, lovely songs and gentle and light hearted this man just feels so pure and honest.

You can’t get any better than honest music. Music that really comes from the heart and when its coupled with intelligent lyrics that are crafted and funny, heart warming and sensitive, you can’t help but enjoy listening to Peter Lehndorff.

Have a listen to this track which is called ‘Tonight I Wish’ and you’ll see what I mean. Lovely chord changes, wonderful little rhymes and picturesque. Like living in the American countryside… (not that i’ve ever lived in the American countryside of course but that’s what I would imagine it inspires.)

Song below and please visit his main soundcloud page and listen to his other stuff.

Jay’s weekly new music discovery – ‘Rosie and Me’

It’s weird. On one hand i’m throwing crazy one-man band with ridiculous talent and mentalness ‘Gull‘ into one of my blogs and on the other i’m singing the praises of  Brazilian folkies ‘Rosie and Me’. You have to love the schizophrenia of human nature. Really you do. No you don’t. Course you do!

This band are in a similar vein to one of my fave bands ‘Lady and Bird‘ (with an uncannily similar kind of name) but at the same time manage to sound like something else too. I want to say they sound like, in places, a folky and loving version of ‘Pink‘ but I don’t know whether that would offend them or make them laugh. Hopefully the latter would happen.

There’s some lovely sentimentality in their music that makes me feel like all the summer picnics i’ve ever had, ever seen, are all coming together in one place. A warm sound and an innocence that really does thrust me into a happy place. Lovely.

This particular track ‘Dark Horse‘ has some subtle flute, beautiful acoustic harmonics and a driving brushed snare drum that rings a little of ‘Gastr Del Sol‘.  Another of my favourite bands.

A very sweet, very friendly bunch of people. Float away and have a listen.

Oh and don’t forget to support them buy going and visiting their shop below.

‘Set Sail’ music video

Given the fact that I’m getting ridiculously excited about my upcoming EP and coupled with the fact that I am unable to go into the studio next week because it is closed, I decided to record a performance of my new track ‘Set Sail’. It’s basic, has no special effects and was done in one take (or thereabouts) so please don’t expect anything visually spectacular. The audio however I am very pleased with.

If there is anyone out there who would like to re-mix this video then please feel free and I will post it here on my blog and give you a BIG shout out and creative plug everywhere I can!

So here it is. For all you cherubs who are as excited as me. Let’s Set Sail. x

Jay’s weekly new music discovery- ‘Sam and the Plants’

Sam and the Plants

Rural, leaf-like musical wizard

One name: Sam McLoughlin. A truly lovely chap who I do actually have the privilege to know, even though we haven’t met for a good few years now. The last time we played together was in support of the Soft Machine’s very own Kevin Ayres and then we parted ways again.

Ok so it’s not technically a ‘new’ music discovery for me but I hope it is for you and you’d be daft not to have a listen. It’s got a folky-twinkle in its eye this music with the likes of Syd Barrett, The Beatles, hints of Beck and early Pink Floyd floating around in there amongst other stuff but all in all it’s very original, very lovely and makes me smile everytime. In fact I could listen to it all day. Acid-folk? Who cares about the genre anymore it is what it is. And I know that I like it.

There’s just something wonderful about Sam and the Plants that I can’t resist and that’s the best thing about this music, I just don’t feel like it’s being forced. It’s perfecto.

Check out the website, buy the 12″ or the CD, download it and do whatever you can to play it. Music like this needs more exposure.

The track below is just called ‘Side A’ and track 1 is Youth Group and track 2 is Flight of the Jaycock