Colne Rhythm And Blues Festival FRINGE

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Every year cowboys and non-cowboys from all over planet Earth merge together into one giant soup for a weekend to witness the Colne Rhythm And Blues festival in Lancashire, England. The sound of chaps and spurs echo through the cobbled streets as some giants of blues jazz it out in the main venues… But the underbelly of music pulsates its spindly tentacles out into the streets to pull in the punters to the more low key venues, where the local bands and artistes perform their own rebellious form of anti-blues, reggae, rap, space-pop and indie-grunge-emo-spark-pop-bap.

Jay Stansfield has been invited to play at Jim’s cafe on Monday the 26th at 6pm. Come early. There will be some picture discs and other audio goodies… There are some beeeaaautiful artists playing there and well worth watching them all including Sean Roche (VIDEO) and Lizzie Banoffee (LISTEN)

Woke up this morning,
Looked down my bed,
I noticed bleeding,
And then I saw the head…

Jay’s weekly new music discovery – ‘brownorangeblue’

It’s bizarre but living in Lancashire in the Northwest of the UK you sometimes wonder how anything exciting can exist. Okay there is beautiful countryside, interesting locations but the hidden gem, the real hidden part of it all, is the art. It’s all over the place.
I’m not going to go into detail about the paintings, sculptures, shops and other things – as amazing as they all are – instead I am going to talk about the music.
Brownorangeblue are one of the many musical artists around here, particularly Burnley & Pendle, who are just top-class.
‘Knowsley and Mercer’ by

First up is ‘Let’s go to the Library’. It’s like Paul Simon being regurgitated through squidgy clarinets by a white African drumming with all his might for an audience of Marimba bashing Animal Collective fans. Lovely melodies float around over the top.
‘Makeshift Simple’ has a few similarities to ‘Let’s go to the Library’ almost like a continuation. A nice bass melody drives the song along as Simon Turner’s vocals whisp and whirl over the top. Daniel Watson’s amazing drums hold it all together and it suddenly stops with an ambient field recording of someone walking…nice 🙂
‘Bad Blood’ has metal bashy things in it, acoustic guitar and an almost ‘Talking Heads’ feel about it all. Again the drums across this whole album are accomplished, played in such a fantastic and original way and really push the songs into another stratosphere. Quirky synths twiddle around, follow the main melody now and again and then drone off into some great Tabla playing which then builds up into a great wall of music and Toms. Some great synth breakdowns too.
Mezzanine Recording’ reminds me for some bizarre reason of ‘Magoo’ being covered by the local gamalan gang. Lots of drums and nice melodies push it along. Short and sweet.
God I love organs and melodicas and stuff like that. Especially when combined with acoustic guitar and tabla. ‘Lindow Man’ has exactly all those things. Plus a trumpet. It even has tambourine in it and has an almost Caribbean feel about it. In fact most of this album has a tropical feel about it. Very upbeat and fruity. I’d love to see this performed live.
‘A Disappearing Trick’ is pure bossa nova. It has a Stereolab vibe about it fused with Gastr Del Sol. I like the introduction of female vocals on this track- really nice brass sections too that really work. Brings to mind sunglasses, big hair, psychedelic girls and spinning optical illusions.
I’ll leave the rest of the album up to you but I can assure you- it’s worth listening to and buying. Spread the word about this band. They deserve every listen they can get.

Home is in my heart, Nelson is where I live

Nelson Town Centre by Jay StansfieldThe gratitude I feel for the town called Nelson in Lancashire pours out on a daily basis. Not because of how wonderful the town centre is but because of how much it inspires me to eventually live somewhere so far removed from it, that I can breathe a sigh of total relief.

There are some beautiful places in the surrounding area of Nelson but for a songwriter it’s totally blank for opportunities. There are some interesting things happening from a musical perspective and the local ‘Ace Centre’ does put some decent things on but they get it so wrong. There is no passion there. No excitement or drive. It’s just dull.

I have performed there myself and to be quite frank I wanted to see the door staff, people behind the desk and anyone else who worked there showing at least ‘some’ excitement. But they were blank. Not at home. Nothing.

Nelson has given me some good times, some not so good times and it’s where i’ve lived for almost thirty years. With my songwriting blossoming so quickly and my little girl growing up so fast the time is rapidly approaching to leave this dusty town behind. The pound shops, charity shops and takeaways will have to become a thing of my past.

I can’t become a world renowned songwriter living in a place where even the cats claim benefits…