Colne Rhythm And Blues Festival FRINGE

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Every year cowboys and non-cowboys from all over planet Earth merge together into one giant soup for a weekend to witness the Colne Rhythm And Blues festival in Lancashire, England. The sound of chaps and spurs echo through the cobbled streets as some giants of blues jazz it out in the main venues… But the underbelly of music pulsates its spindly tentacles out into the streets to pull in the punters to the more low key venues, where the local bands and artistes perform their own rebellious form of anti-blues, reggae, rap, space-pop and indie-grunge-emo-spark-pop-bap.

Jay Stansfield has been invited to play at Jim’s cafe on Monday the 26th at 6pm. Come early. There will be some picture discs and other audio goodies… There are some beeeaaautiful artists playing there and well worth watching them all including Sean Roche (VIDEO) and Lizzie Banoffee (LISTEN)

Woke up this morning,
Looked down my bed,
I noticed bleeding,
And then I saw the head…

There’s a misguided concept that ‘isms’ are bad but i do love the more obscure isms… Something I do support is LOVISM which doesn’t really exist as a dictionary definition but as it’s the title of the album, by Jay Stansfield, we say YES to LOVISM! – Simon Raymonde, Bella Union

There’s a misguided conc…

ALBUM REVIEW: This Gaunt Story by Gaunt Story

A beautifully crafted, well arranged, well recorded album that speaks for itself. The songs grow on you, over time and then never leave you. It’s an album that I was quite privileged to be a part of and makes me feel proud to also be Rob’s friend.

Listen for yourself and if you like it keep watch for his new album ‘Companion Waves’ which is set for release anytime soon- it’s a corker ūüėČ

Gaunt Story – Official Website

Soundcloud Meetup Magic!

On the 25th May 2011 there is an event entitled ‘Soundcloud Global Meetup Day’. Now being a supporter of this revolutionary and downright AMAAAAAZING technological music and audio revolution, I wanted to host a meetup at my house that would contribute to this worldwide musical day. We’ve had global prayers, global wishes…this is the cream of the crop. They even sent me some stickers, badges and a T-Shirt!

The brief I have set consists of the following requirements for the contributors entering Stansfield Manor:

3 hours to write, record and upload a piece of music to Soundcloud.

Each person brings with them 4 chords, notes or rhythms.

6 words that mean something to them.

An instrument of their choice.

It’s also going to be more awesome because the following contributors will be joining in creating this piece of music.

Rob Ashworth (

Karl Francis (

Maria Stansfield (

It is being filmed by Donna Craddock (

We will also be joined by Comic Book writer Tom Cross and Linux Programmer and Audio Software Developer Dan MacDonald!

The final piece will be uploaded, probably, to all the contributer’s Soundcloud pages so have a look on Thursday to see how it went!

So for now I leave you with some of the artists work below- enjoy!

Gaunt Story

Fruitless Forest

Mi Mama

The Torments of a Creative

Jay Stansfield in TormentIf you could open the brain and heart, use a device to monitor and visually see the inner workings of a creative person you would probably break down in tears. I think that inside every creative person, especially if the artistic output feels genuinely up there with the greats, there is complete and utter sadness. When that song or painting or sculpture or story or poem or building or film or photograph bursts and explodes from inside into the 3D realm, sometimes it is done with such power and emotion that  it can be difficult not to cry.

It’s like thousands of years of memetic programming, emotional imprinting and imaginative inspiration pummelling and channelling out of a solitary human being like a trojan horse full of invisible particles. And when that piece finally arrives, the masterpiece as it were, we start to value it and see what it’s worth and at the same time criticise it and wonder how we did it. Like we’re not good enough. That’s why artists need fans. To prevent the torment.

In the 80’s the value of music and creativity seemed a lot less than it is today. A lot of artists didn’t seem to care that their chart hit was total gash or their film was mulletised (definition: To be adorned with Mullets- i made that one up).

Original and new music, film, photography, illustration is now as valuable as Gold because a lot of the undiscovered artists who have been quietly mastering their art are now emerging. Sparkling and shining like new born babies. We are entering an new age of the Artist and my guess is it won’t be long before the landscape of art is so beautifully¬†unrecognisable, we wonder how we got by without it.

Let the children of 2oth Century art come forth into the 21st Century and create the Golden Age.