Colne Rhythm And Blues Festival FRINGE

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Every year cowboys and non-cowboys from all over planet Earth merge together into one giant soup for a weekend to witness the Colne Rhythm And Blues festival in Lancashire, England. The sound of chaps and spurs echo through the cobbled streets as some giants of blues jazz it out in the main venues… But the underbelly of music pulsates its spindly tentacles out into the streets to pull in the punters to the more low key venues, where the local bands and artistes perform their own rebellious form of anti-blues, reggae, rap, space-pop and indie-grunge-emo-spark-pop-bap.

Jay Stansfield has been invited to play at Jim’s cafe on Monday the 26th at 6pm. Come early. There will be some picture discs and other audio goodies… There are some beeeaaautiful artists playing there and well worth watching them all including Sean Roche (VIDEO) and Lizzie Banoffee (LISTEN)

Woke up this morning,
Looked down my bed,
I noticed bleeding,
And then I saw the head…

10 years later

Jay StansfieldSometimes there’s this strange movement that occurs where everything you have been working towards, all the effort you have put into something, suddenly rushes forward like a rampant rhino. I’m not a spiritual scientist or a scientific spiritualist, I’m not religious or otherwise but it doesn’t take any of those things to see that the nature of, well, nature can be such a beautiful beast.

Over the weekend I performed at the Wood Vibrations festival in Windermere. A low key, 250 capacity intimate little festival in a place called Fell Foot Wood. It was amazing and there were fantastic bands, people and insects. I performed with my musical compadres Rob Ashworth, Tom Cross and Hannah Nicholson. As I was walking back to my tent from rapturous applause a guy jumped out of his Ford transit and said “It was worth coming just to see you.” That’s the shit right there is that. What a compliment- it made me feel happy.

I’m also on with a couple of other projects, one of which is possibly the most exciting thing to happen to me for a while. I’ll be posting more about that once it’s rolling properly but I can say this- I am working with a living legend. Seriously. We’re miles apart but the power of this interwebble is allowing us to work on songs together pretty well. I’m singing his songs. I’m the singer on his next album… Ok mental grin over.

I have also been working as a producer with fellow SAYsters Karl Francis and Maria Stansfield and recording songs on location. The first of the batch we recorded at the foot of Pendle Hill. It’s a lovely song which Karl has written and i’m just putting some finishing touches to it.

I’m busy. And it feels flowing and right. I shall have my dream house for my family. I shall 🙂

Jay’s weekly new music discovery- Third Thumb

Third ThumbOk so the title is a loosely interpreted kind of ‘week’ whereby it may be more than a week by the Gregorian standards but to me- it’s only a title. This week I have discovered yet another heart baffling, mind melting band from the North West of England. From Pendle. There’s some magic round here that seems to breed talent and creativity. It’s either the complete lack of anything else to do or the total inspiration of the mundane. It could be the food we were fed as we grew up. It could be the mills closing and rippling through time into our collective consciousness. Whatever it is ‘Third Thumb’ have been spawned from it and it’s a bloody good job because they are something special.

From what I’ve heard, given their rather introverted and secretive nature, they use lots of loops created by children’s toys, pedals, lots of instruments and two drum kits. And there are only two of them. Almost sounds like a duel.

The only song they have recorded at the moment is ‘Fill the Cracks’ and it can be heard on myspace. To me it sounds like a cosmic instrumental fusion of Steve Reich, Efterklang, tRANSELEMENt, Stereolab and Battles all rolled into one sprawling, hypnotic and exciting composition of accomplishment. I’m very much looking forward to hearing more of their music and i’ll keep you posted as and when it emerges.

So sit back, turn your stereo up and listen to…

Fill The Cracks by Third Thumb.