The Missing Blog Post

I was in bed yesterday for a solid fourteen hours. Ill. Unsure why but some would say a ‘man cold’. I say it was a strange one because I was running a temperature and having visions. Like a shaman. I saw myself hovering literally a few centimeters from the ground with my face and to the north-west of me was a solid, concrete block. I sensed ‘bits’ of lumps surrounding me like an explosion. Sounds like an 80’s text based adventure game on the Spectrum 48K but it was very strange I can tell you. Anyway it caused me to miss typing my blog for the day so this one is to make up for it.

Tomorrow will see me going into the studio to record some drums for my EP. The week off has been creative but i’m itching to get back in. The lovely multi-talented being known as Rob Ashworth will be playing drums for me and the equally talented vocal seamstress known as Maria Stansfield will be putting down some creamy vocal harmonies for me too. It’s coming on so nicely I can hardly contain my juices.

Today I did a little performance for my family of ‘Butterscotch Sky’ so for all your ears you can see the video here. It’s rough and ready but who cares- i’m a bit fed up of all this glitz and glamour videography flying about at the moment. DIY is where it’s at today.

Open Mic nights

Coffee + Music = YEAH!I’ve been frequenting a few Open Mic nights recently to test out my new songs. After being in the music business for about twelve years I was quite surprised to come to the realisation, that I have never attended an open mic night and performed. Why? Because I used to think they were full of nobody’s (yes I used to be a bit of a tit now and again) who would amount to nothing more than playing to their friends for the rest of their lives.

Since getting up and experiencing the very thing I used to despise I have had a revelation…it’s really, really good fun. It’s a release. A testing ground for my new stuff and a place to meet budding new musicians and artists who I may never otherwise get the opportunity or have the fortune to meet. Ok I wouldn’t consider many of them ‘original’ or ‘exceptional’ but I used to be where they are and there wasn’t this kind of opportunity back then so I praise their beautiful and courageous souls for getting up and having a go.

Of course I’m not just getting up and ‘having a go’, i’ve been in this biz too long for that now, instead my reasons for doing it are to get a reaction. See a response to my new songs and also support my good friend Andrew Smalley who is putting on these nights. At Rhode Island Coffee! An innocent, wholesome and bloody trendy place to be with shops in Burnley, Warrington and Bolton to name a few.

It’s a damn fine idea. Bringing something worthwhile and creative into somewhere that isn’t a pub where people just talk and cry and argue at the back. Somewhere I can take my daughter and where people actually listen. Somewhere for the teenagers and beyond to go and have a good time with their new friends. I can even have a milkshake if I want…