Colne Rhythm And Blues Festival FRINGE

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Every year cowboys and non-cowboys from all over planet Earth merge together into one giant soup for a weekend to witness the Colne Rhythm And Blues festival in Lancashire, England. The sound of chaps and spurs echo through the cobbled streets as some giants of blues jazz it out in the main venues… But the underbelly of music pulsates its spindly tentacles out into the streets to pull in the punters to the more low key venues, where the local bands and artistes perform their own rebellious form of anti-blues, reggae, rap, space-pop and indie-grunge-emo-spark-pop-bap.

Jay Stansfield has been invited to play at Jim’s cafe on Monday the 26th at 6pm. Come early. There will be some picture discs and other audio goodies… There are some beeeaaautiful artists playing there and well worth watching them all including Sean Roche (VIDEO) and Lizzie Banoffee (LISTEN)

Woke up this morning,
Looked down my bed,
I noticed bleeding,
And then I saw the head…

Acoustic village Summer Special

The 14th of August is going to be a special time in Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK… Here’s the score:

Random Family

Combining traditional folk instruments and arrangements with modern approaches to song writing, the Random Family seek to create a sound that expresses their own musical style and ambitions, whilst being steeped in the tradition and values that encouraged them to learn to play in the first place.

Inspired by traditional folk music from both sides of the Atlantic, The Random Family utilise 4 part harmonies, acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, tenor guitar, double bass, flute and clarinet to create their unique style and varieties of arrangement.

The night also features the finest selection of local acoustic musicians with:

Jay Stansfield
Stacey McKenna and the Freedom Road
John Jacobs

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