There’s a misguided concept that ‘isms’ are bad but i do love the more obscure isms… Something I do support is LOVISM which doesn’t really exist as a dictionary definition but as it’s the title of the album, by Jay Stansfield, we say YES to LOVISM! – Simon Raymonde, Bella Union

There’s a misguided conc…

the JAY STANSFIELD ep Released!

the JAY STANSFIELD ep Front Cover CD PackshotWell on the 30th May 2011 my highly anticipated 4-track EP egotistically titled ‘the JAY STANSFIELD ep’ was released by the ever expanding, ever growing and ever moving White Label Music. It’s a very exciting time for me personally both having a beautiful family and an increasing momentum in my musical career. Since joining the roster of White Label Music, securing a publishing deal with Tourettes and recently securing a booking agent with The Brave Music Agency  things are sweet. I have a loyal companion by my side (that’s you Mr Rob Ashworth x x ) sharing the adventure, performing my songs with me and recording and producing my music. Plus he also writes some killer songs himself: Gaunt Story

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New paths are being forged, new fans are being turned on to my work, new friendships are being formed and all the while my little girl gets older by the day. I hope someday she can look at her Daddy and see a man who worked hard, showed determination and passion for his craft and hopefully inspired many beings throughout the Universe to do the same. I hope the musical trail I have left, not just for my family generations to come but also for the generations of other families too, will bring about change and help to landscape the corporate mess that music has become and open it up for the beautiful flowers that have been growing underneath for all these years.

There’s a review of the EP here (huge thanks to Culture Deluxe!) :